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BT (WC) 3rd sem BT (WC) 3rd sem BT (WC) 3rd sem

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Code of Conduct for Students

The main objective of the Code of Conduct for the students is to educate and guide them to understand their responsibility for appropriate behaviour and respect for others. Students are expected to adhere to and practice the same. The Code of Conduct has been divided into two sections as given below. In order to make the college feel proud of them, the students are expected to abide by the rules.

1. Ragging in any form in the campus as well as hostels, is strictly banned.

2. To aim for excellence in whatever they do.

3. To attend maximum possible classes.

4. To complete all projects, assignments, tutorials, etc. by the agreed/set deadlines

5. To be punctual in college as well as lectures.

6. To be equipped for all lessons with relevant materials and stationery and to wear Student ID card all the time when in the college

7. To work together and in harmony with other students to achieve their goals.

8. To take all the examinations fairly, sincerely and honestly. Not to use any unfair means and not to indulge in any unlawful practice during examination.

9. To read the notice board regularly so as not to miss any significant development.

10. To ask for due permission from the authority concerned to remain absent from the college.


1. To treat and talk to all the staff, the students and the local community with respect, and to behave in  an appropriate and responsible way.

2. To value the college environment by not dropping litter, not damaging college furniture or Buildings and by not using any intoxicating substances on the college premises.

3. To appreciate the institute's diverse community and cultural heritage

4. To be dressed in a dignified and responsible manner.

5. To switch off their mobile Phone within academic boundaries.

6. To restrain themselves from any undesirable practices such as strike, picketing, etc.

7. Not to involve themselves in an act of sexual harassment to any woman.

8. Not to use internet facility for any activity other than academic.

*Any student found not adhering to the Code of Conduct laid down by the institute will need to face disciplinary proceedings and the decision taken in this regard by the faculty and management shall be final.


Success is aspired by all, but achieved by only a few. To embark on a journey of success, one needs the tools of preparedness, foresight and strategy. These lead to the path of growth and high quality operation. It is imperative to combine these three forces in an institution where hard work and sincerity act like a pivot tilting the pan balance of life in favour of fitness and wellbeing. — Ramesh Kumar, B.Tech (CSE)
HEC always laze emphasis on holistic education and an all-round growth of the students. It, therefore, motivates and encourages the students to participate in multi furious activities. There are different forums and societies in the college which continually conduct various extra-curricular, cultural, social and adventurous events. Along with appropriate prizes, proper testimonials and certificates in recognition to their contribution and performance are also awarded to the participants. — Deepak Sharma, B.Tech (ECE)

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